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By one estimate, there are roughly 34,000 Christian denominations in the world, and many of them do not hold the same beliefs about who Jesus Christ is. We all have one Bible, yet so many different interpretations of what the Bible tells us about Christ. Who has the authority to say who Christ is?

The Orthodox Church is a denomination that traces its roots all the way back to the Apostles. Each Orthodox bishop can trace his preceding
bishop back to the time of Christ. This is called Apostolic Succession. The Apostles would teach and place an overseer in each city where they preached the Gospel, just as St. Paul did with St. Timothy, and those overseers would then teach their successor, then they would teach their successor, and so on down through the millennia.

The Orthodox Church is the Church lead by the overseers, or Bishops, that were first placed by the Apostles to preach the Gospel. They are the spiritual descendants of the Bishops who formed the fist canon of Scripture, the collection of writings we call the Bible, in the fourth century.

The Orthodox Church confesses the witness of the Apostles in its Holy Scriptures, Liturgy, Canons, Councils, tradition, Saints, and Fathers to this very day. 

If you would like to learn more about the Orthodox faith, come to one of our services where we pray what we believe. Additional online resources are available at the link below.

More About the Orthodox Faith

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